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Lend me a Tenor

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World-renowned Italian tenor, Tito Merelli, is making his American debut as Othello at a Cleveland Grand Opera Company in the fall of 1934. He arrives late, and through a set of crazy circumstances, passes out after mixing wine with a huge dose of tranquilizers. Believing that Tito is dead, the excitable opera manager, Saunders, taps his hapless assistant, an aspiring singer named Max, to suit up as the Moor and replace Merelli. Meanwhile, the tenor’s jealous wife, Maria, his ambitious female co-star, Diana, Max’s young girlfriend, Maggie, and the flirtatious head of the opera guild, Julia are on the scene fighting - sometimes literally - for the stars attention.

Run Dates -  2018:

 October 4-6, 11 & 13


Director: David Clayton

Student Director:  Janet Hagedorn

Stage Manager: Brittany-Anne Bonneté


Crew Heads: Nathan Spann (Set Crew),  Emily Marshburn (Costumes), Annie Goss & McKenna Tanner (Props), Charlie Posey (Sound),  Izzy Flores (Lights), Maddy Reichel (Publicity), Maegan McCall (Hair & Makeup), Lauren Dodds & Andrew Walker (House Crew)


Featuring:  Gray Campbell, Kenneth Cuadra, Emma Painter, Gabe White

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