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The Drowsy Chaperone

Drowsy 470.jpg

Run Dates -  2020:

January 30 - February 8th 2020


Artistic/Main Director:  Cece Prudhomme

Technical Director:  David Clayton

Associate/Music Director:  Marcie Baker

Associate Director:  Alyssa Davidson

Student Director:  Janet Hagedorn

Stage Manager:  Sophie Rustam


Crew Heads:  Nathan Spann & Evan Roberts (Set Crew), Ellie DiPaulo & Jenny Calhoun (Costumes), McKenna Tanner & Rin Wagner (Props), Izzy Flores  & Andrew Tyler (Lights), Ellie Stone (Sound), Maddy Reichel (Publicity), Sophia Robinson  & Nicole Rogers (Hair & Makeup), Aloni Johnson & Emily Morgan (House Crew)


Featuring: Caleb Balladares,  Lindsay Bates, Luke Centanni, Kylie Gallien, Zachary King,  Will Larrabee, Sydni Moon, Connor Padron, Catherine Piskurich, Matthew Prudhomme,  Nicholas Rhew,  Madi Sanders,  Grant Shyer

Tommy Tunes Award Award.jpg

2020 Tommy Tune Awards


Best Musical

Best Supporting Actor: 

Luke Centanni

Best Ensemble

Best Costume Design

Best Direction


13 Tommy Tunes Nominations

Best Musical

Leading Actress: Lindsay Bates

Leading Actor: Will Larabee

Supporting Actress: Catherine Piskurich

Supporting Actor: Luke Centanni

Featured Performer: Connor Padron and Matthew Prudhomme

Lighting Design

Scenic Design

Costume Design

Stage Crew & Technical Execution:

Musical Direction


The Drowsy Chaperone is a homage to American musicals of the Jazz Age.  The show examines the effect musicals have on fans who adore them.  A musical “super fan” known as Man in Chair, looking to cure his “non-specific sadness”, listens to a recording of the fictional musical, The Drowsy Chaperone.  While he listens, the characters come to life in his apartment and transform it into an impressive Broadway set.  All the while, Man in Chair proves a running commentary of the show, unbeknownst to the players. This show has a funny and magical cast of characters that will delight you as you watch their performance.

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