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Something Rotten

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Run Dates -  2021

May 1st  - May 9th


Artistic Director:  CeCe Prudhomme

Technical Director:  David Clayton
Associate Director: Alyssa Davidson

Music Director:  Marcie Baker

Conductors: Gyasi Blanton and Chris Yancy 

Student Director:  Emma Papapanagiotou

Stage Manager: Wiley Melcher


Luke Centanni, Kate Herbert, Daphne Morford, Brett Payne, Matthew Prudhomme,  Asher Rigo and Elliot Shein. 


Crew Heads:
Choreographer Paula Sloan; Costume Design Gregg Barnes; Lighting Design Andrew Tyler; Hair & Makeup Design Sophia Robinson and Nicole Rogers; Scenic Design Emma Groves, Chris Ivey, Melissa Centani, Thuy Moon and David Clayton; Publicity Maddy Reichel; Property Master Sydney Ivey; Asst Stage Managers, Alyssa Bommer, Clara Marie Gallop and Ellie Stone; Sound Design Macy Hempe and Adrian Washington.

Welcome to the year 1595, where the Black Plague has ceded power to the Puritans, farthingales and codpiece are the latest fashion trend, and the biggest celebrity in Renaissance England is playwright named William Shakespeare. In the midst of all this excitement, two brothers in London, Nick and Nigel Bottom, are trying to keep their acting company afloat. As the Bottom Brothers strive to write the world's very first "musical" they find themselves caught in a bitter battle with the Bard over who's going to create the best show. But amidst the scandalous excitement of opening night, the Bottom Brothers realize that reaching the to means being true to thine own self and all that jazz.

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